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You’ve heard that email is one of your best marketing
tools,Email Your Way To Success Articles but you are afraid of spam complaints and you
are discouraged about how long it takes to build an
opt-in newsletter list. Let’s dispell that fear
and discouragement. There are actually dozens of
channels you may not have considered to send
spam-free emails and dramatically boost your traffic,
sales and improve your communication with those who
help make you successful.

Opt-In Newsletter

This is where folks often start. That’s great. I’ll
repeat what everyone else has already said. You need
to have an opt-in newsletter. You need to have the
signup box prominently displayed on your site and you
need to publish a helpful newsletter about the topic
of your market often (preferably weekly). This will
help you build long-term return traffic to your site.
It will also build a sense of community with your
visitors. You will eventually cease to be just a
website and become a person that your visitors
respect and get to know.

Yes; it is discouraging when you only send a test email have a handful
of subscribers at the end of your first month. Hang
in there. It’s all worth it. Do you think it takes
too much time to write articles for your newsletter?
Use articles submitted by others. More on that


Is it OK to email your customers? Absolutely. Is it
OK to email them your newsletter? No; not without
permission. Is it OK to email them an advertisement
for your latest product/service. Yes; it probably
is… But hold on just a minute. You have a
relationship with this customer. It’s far better if
you recognize and respect that relationship. They
purchased something from you. Why not drop them a
personal note every once in awhile and ask them about
your product/service. Ask them if they are happy
with what they received. Ask them if there is any
way you can improve your product/service. Go ahead
and let them know about your newsletter. It’s OK to
mention your product/service. Tell them where they
can find more information if you think it might help

These are your customers. Treat them with the
respect they deserve and they will likely become
repeat customers. Blast email advertisements at them
and they might or might not buy that product, but you
will have missed a chance to build a relationship
with them.