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In the mid eighties popcorn surface on roofs was an exceptionally well known look, but today it is extremely obsolete. In my work as an expert project worker I’m seeing more individuals who need to eliminate the popcorn surface from their roof yet don’t have the foggiest idea how to make it happen. In this article we will take a gander at the best strategy to eliminate popcorn surface from roofs.

1. Planning

The initial step is to move the furniture from the room please. Assuming you have some furniture that is simply too weighty to even consider eliminating from the room, buy uncompromising plastic covers to put over the furnishings. Since you will utilize water, feel free to switch off the power in the room. Eliminate any light apparatuses from the roof. Utilizing a few layers of uncompromising plastic, cover your walls as a whole. Place the plastic floor sheeting up the walls about a foot and afterward tape the edge to keep water from getting under the baseboards. Kindly NOTE: A few blown-on acoustic roofs applied before 1980 contain asbestos (the utilization of asbestos in these roofs was restricted in 1978). Just a confirmed asbestos evacuation project worker ought to eliminate these roofs. You can see whether your roof contains asbestos by sending a little example to an EPA ensured testing lab.

2. Popcorn evacuation

Utilize a nursery sprayer and plain water to wet down the roof. Work in a space around four to five feet square. It’s smarter to make a few passes and afterward let the roof absorb the water. Be mindful so as not to apply an excessive amount of water since it can harm the paper surface of the wallboard under. Utilizing a joint blade, scratch the sodden surface from the roof. The water will do the majority of the work and the popcorn roof ought to fall off without any problem. Assuming you run into recognizes that necessary hard scratching, stop, apply somewhat more water, sit tight for it to absorb a little and afterward attempt once more.

3. Time to prime and paint

On the off chance that you ended Ceiling Rafts up cutting or gouge the roof when you were eliminating the surface, simply utilize some joint compound and your taping blade and skim a slender layer of compound on the harmed region, permit to dry and softly sand. Utilizing plastic groundwork, make preparations. Whenever you are done applying your groundwork, apply a layer of plastic paint. After your paint has dried, you might have to apply another coat.

4. Tidy up

Eliminate each of the plastic covers from the walls and floors. Begin by eliminating the plastic from the walls first. When you eliminate the entirety of the plastic, you will as a rule have some surface that will track down its direction onto your floor, yet the surface will come up effectively from your rug or hardwood floor. Keeping your shop-vac nearby will confess all up.

Despite the fact that eliminating popcorn surface is an untidy work, the advantage of a refreshed room is worth the effort. Keeping these rules, you ought to have a smooth, newly painted ceilins. Best of luck!

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