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Here in this article lets discuss about the new trends in Taxi business, From the traditional taxi service system now the technology has changed and now you can book the taxi from your mobile phones within a minute, The huge transfer of taxi business and many taxi software development companies put their signature in this software development, Lets have a look on this
Have you ever imagined the digitized software for booking a cab is just one step away?


Yes! the traditional way of commuting has been moulded to our latest technology based commuting using the taxi dispatch software.

Nowadays the Taxi business is booming with this latest technology and software.


Are you looking for taxi dispatch software for your taxi business,Top Taxi personalberatung Dispatch Software Companies In The World Articles there are several companies offering their service to implement taxi dispatch software for your taxi business.


In this article, you will be able to find the top taxi dispatch software companies in the World.

Infinite Cab Software


Infinite Cab is one of the top leading taxi dispatch software powered by Infinite Open Source Solutions LLP in the world. It comes along with Admin Web Panel, driver and passenger app for both Android and iOS platforms.

Founded in the year: IOSS was founded in the year 2010.

Customer strength: They have extended their service to support over 2000+ customers across 80+ countries with infinite cab software.

Employee strength: More than 100 employees are working in IOSS.


Features of Infinite Cab Software

GPS tracking
Driver Management
E-Wallet Management
Fare Management
Time and Distance Management
Fleet Management
Coupon Management
Trip history and report management
Coupon Management.


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